About Me

In three words: In his blood.  

What you need to know: A North Carolina native, Zach Lentz has lived in Aspen since 1993. His family purchased a historic Victorian home on Main Street in the 1970’s and he grew up coming for winter vacations, learning to ski on the local slopes. After graduating high school, he moved to Colorado to attend university, followed by living in Hawaii for a year where he was a scuba instructor, before returning to Aspen. 

Real estate was also in his blood: his father was a developer, responsible for several local Roaring Fork Valley developments during his career. “His hands are in a lot of commercial real estate, and I was always fascinated by that. I also remember taking a copy of Aspen Magazine to my high school and flipping through all the real estate ads and being totally enamored by it. I always knew in the back of my mind I wanted to go into real estate.”

Zach began his real estate career in 2003 and has been hitting it hard ever since, accruing a loyal clientele from all over the world and dedicating himself to the demands of the kind of luxury real estate he dreamed of as a kid, serving everyone from first time home buyers to Aspen’s top tier. “I’ve sold everything from small Carbondale starter homes, to 500-acre ranches, to Starwood mansions,” he says. “I enjoy it all.”

What he brings to the table:

“I’m a good matchmaker,” Zach says. “I have a knack for finding what people are looking for. Instead of overloading them with 20 property showings, I try to find what they want so they can walk in and say, ‘This is the house we dreamed of.’  He also prides himself on seeking out undervalued properties and negotiating the best deal possible for his clients. He makes the transition to being a homeowner seamless, owning the transaction step by step, but then he doesn’t stop at closing. “I want to not just sell a house, but to help bring that person into our community. I want to be their go-to person for whatever they may need, and to show them what the “Aspen Idea” is all about - why it is that we live here.” 

When he’s not in the office … Zach can be found skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing and ice climbing in the local mountains; or traveling the world to dive with sharks. “Shark diving is a relaxing way to decompress from work” he laughs. He also loves to take his son to the Crown Mountain BMX track in Basalt. “My son has a wall of trophies” he says. “It’s an amazing program they have down there.”

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