In 3 words: Aspen born and raised. What you need to know: If you really want someone who can advise you on real estate in Aspen, try talking to someone who was born and raised here. “I am very lucky and feel grateful to have grown up in Aspen,” Ashley says. “Especially once you move away and travel a lot, you really learn to appreciate it. I left many times, but I always came back.”

After a lifetime living in the area, she is the ultimate market leader and can advise on market conditions and changes as well as what to expect long term. Gidley first left Aspen after high school to attend college at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a degree in international business and Spanish. During school she studied abroad in Argentina and Mexico. After a brief stint in Miami pre-selling a development, she returned to Aspen and taught Spanish at Aspen High School for a year before she discovered a passion for selling real estate. “I saw there was an opportunity to do something I love and make money at the same time. I loved teaching, but I found a niche in real estate, working with buyers from Central and South America. It really allowed me to integrate all my passions together.”

Her diverse experience in all aspects of local real estate combined with her strong sales experience both with existing inventory, new developments and pre-construction products enable Ashley to effectively negotiate for her clients. Strong relationships throughout the community give her a competitive niche in the residential real estate market. Ashley serves the needs locals and those wanting to explore the possibilities of living in Aspen full or part time.

What she brings to the table: Because she’s fluent in Spanish, Ashley is able to gain the trust of clients from Mexico and other Latin countries who want to invest in Aspen real estate. “They trust me because I know their culture. I know the way they do business and know their customs. I really get to know them, so by the time we get to the closing table, I’m very invested; it’s like I’ve become part of their family.” On a personal note … “Being outside is when I’m the happiest,” Ashley says. “You can almost always find me doing something outdoors, whether its skiing in the winter or hiking and biking in the summer.”

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